do i need a liquor license to sell beer

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  • Do you need a license to sell wine&liquor?

  • Do you want to start a wine store and want to know what licenses to apply for? If YES, here are 7 types of business licenses you need to sell wine liquor. The sale of alcohol can boost restaurant profits substantially, thanks to the great profit margins that are used to sell most wines, hard liquors, and beer.

  • What type of liquor license do you need to start a business?

  • There is no limit to what type of alcohol you sell though, but you do need to keep the financial limit in mind. This percentage is usually in the region of 40%, so make sure you have that magic number top of mind as you run your business. ii. Beer and wine license If you don鈥檛 intend to serve hard liquor, this is the type of license you鈥檒l need.

  • What is a beer and wine liquor license?

  • The beer and wine liquor license allows restaurants to sell some alcoholic beverages on their premises without going through the hassle or expense of getting an all-liquor license. This license may require you to prove that at least 50% of your restaurant鈥檚 total sales are from food and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Do I need a premises licence to sell alcohol?

  • Anything over 0.5% is classed as alcohol and so for that, you would need a premises licence for the location that you are selling or dispatching (if online sales), in addition to one person named as a designated premises supervisor (who would have to hold a personal licence).

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