can you bring your own liquor on a cruise

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In most cases,cruise lines will not allow you to bring your own alcoholon a cruise ship. You are required to pay for alcoholic drinks. If you do not intend to bear this cost,there are several possible ways you can employ to bring alcohol on board a cruise ship.

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  • Can you take alcohol on a cruise?

  • Can You Take Alcohol on a Cruise? The majority of cruise lines will allow guests to take onboard some alcohol on embarkation day. There are some cruise lines that don鈥檛 allow guests to bring any alcohol on board at any point in the cruise as well as some that have more flexible rules.

  • Can I bring alcohol on board?

  • No alcohol is allowed to be brought onboard at embarkation and anything purchased in port or at the duty-free shop will be held until the end of the cruise.

  • How much wine can you bring on a Carnival Cruise?

  • At embarkation on Carnival Cruise Line ships, each adult guest (age 21 and up) may bring onboard one 750ml bottle of wine or Champagne (sealed and unopened) per person packed in their carry-on luggage, to show at security screening. There is a corkage fee of $15 if you drink your bottle outside of your cabin.

  • Can I bring more than one bottle on my cruise?

  • Additional bottles will be stored by the ship and two bottles at a time will be delivered to the stateroom on the first day of each new voyage. Guests bringing more than two bottles at the start of the first sailing should have documentation for any consecutive sailings available to share with security on boarding day.

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