is lisa’s liquor barn owned by wegmans

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Conveniently located near the Penfield Wegmans at the intersection of routes 441 and 250, Lisa’s Liquor Barn has a notable selection of wines. They accept the free Prestige Card along with Whitehouse Liquors, although both stores areindependently owned and operated.

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  • Is Lisa’s Liquor Barn a good place to buy liquor?

  • Equally impressive is their wide array of liquors including scotch, bourbon, vodka, etc. You will be hard pressed to find a liquor store with a better range of brands. All in all this is the place to come when you have a wine and spirits issue you need to handle. Seriously, booze hounds and casual drinkers alike will love Lisa’s Liquor Barn.

  • Why choose Lisa鈥檚 liquor store in Rochester?

  • Great prices, superb customer service, in-depth selection and knowledgeable staff have made Lisa鈥檚 the largest wine and liquor store in Rochester. Lee Ann is a product of East Rochester High School and has the distinction of being the first female inducted into the E.R. Hall of Fame.

  • Is Lisa’s wine shop in Pittsford a good place to shop?

  • If Yellowtail and Kendall Jackson are your everyday wines of choice than Lisa’s will do just fine, but if you want a more unique selection you’re better off at Century In Pittsford or the shop next to Wegman’s in Webster.

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